Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to new features?Access to most new features simply requires an app update. Most customers have their iPhone/iPad or Android apps automatically update. That means, generally, you get the latest features once you update your app. We usually provide app updates for new features once a month. For more information, check out our blog. Some features require an update to the firmware in the irrigation controller. This doesn't happen frequently (approximately one or two times a year). Of course, your controller will continue to work fine without the updates. If a particular feature in the app requires an update, you'll get a warning message saying that your controller needs to be upgraded. Contact us via email at support@hydrawise.com and we'll upgrade your controller remotely.
  • What happens if my Epic controller loses internet access?If your controller loses internet connectivity for more than one day, we'll send you an email notification. During this time, your controller will run the last synced schedule in offline mode. NOTE: Without internet connectivity, your controller won't be able to automatically modify its watering schedule based on weather forecasts.
  • Rainfall in my location varies dramatically. How local are your rainfall statistics?We have approximately 32,000 weather stations around the world, so there is most likely one near your neighborhood. You can see the weather stations that are near to you here.
  • How do I test broken wiring and low current alerts?

    First, you will need to create an alert for this. Once you have created the necessary alert, test it by running a zone without a solenoid connected to it. When the zone finishes its run, you will receive an alert that says "Low current detected." This confirms that the alert is working. NOTE: The alert is generated after a zone runs. For testing purposes, use a run time of 1 minute.

    IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to test this alert by connecting a faulty or damaged solenoid. Doing so can cause the controller to malfunction.

  • Can I run more than one zone at a time?You can only run one zone at a time (this is how a normal irrigation controller works). Running multiple zones at once is usually not possible due to water-pressure limitations. As with any standard irrigation controller, you can wire multiple solenoids/valves to the same zone output if you want. We support up to two solenoids per zone output, plus a master valve, for a total of three solenoids at any given time.
  • Do you support a Master/Pump?Yes. Any zone can be configured as a Master Zone. This means that the zone will automatically turn on and off when other zones are watering. You can also configure a Master Zone delay. For troubleshooting purposes, we recommend using your last zone as the master valve (i.e., Zone 6 on a six-zone controller or Zone 12 on a twelve-zone controller). This makes diagnosing Master Zone valve issues a lot easier. You can find additional details for all the controllers here.
  • Does the controller remember its settings if it loses power?Yes. The controller will remember all your data, including watering schedules, reports, and system settings. When the controller powers back on, it will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. The controller does not require a battery. All data is stored on its flash memory.
  • Does Hydrawise support watering restrictions?

    Yes! You should use Program Start Times to set the times that your Epic system is permitted to water. When adding a start time, you can choose odd or even days or select a specific day of the week to permit watering. This is also where you'll set the time the watering cycle should start. To learn more about Program Start Times, click here. Program Start Times are the times that your Epic system is permitted to water.

    NOTE: Your system will not necessarily water every zone for every one of your program start times. Remember that the purpose of a program start time is to specify the times each zone is allowed to water.

    If you have a Watering Schedule (under the My Watering Zones menu) configured to water every day but your settings in the Program Start Times don't allow your system to water on a particular day, we won't water on that day.

    If you have a Watering Schedule set up to water once a week, we will water as long as we are permitted to water on that day. If we aren't permitted to water on a particular day, we will water on the next permitted day.

  • Why is a flow meter useful?Flow meters can be used to detect broken pipes, broken spray heads, faulty valves, or faulty wiring. An undetected water leak can take months to notice and lead to expensive water bills. Faulty wiring could mean that your garden isn't receiving the right amount of water, which can lead to dead plants and leave you with the cost of replacing them. A flow meter also allows you to understand the amount of water applied to your garden, and gives you the ability to monitor your irrigation system remotely.
  • What alerts can I get from my flow meters?

    If your water flow is higher or lower than previous watering cycles, our system can send app notifications or SMS alerts. The thresholds for the alerts are configurable as a percentage of the previous watering cycle. For example, you can create an alert if the watering amount is 10% above the previous cycle, as this could indicate a broken spray head. Or you can create an alert if the watering amount is 90% less than the previous watering cycle, as this may indicate that the system is blocked or wiring is faulty. You can also create an alert if water flow is detected when no irrigation zones are running. This may indicate that you have a broken pipe or stuck valve.

    For more information, see Configuring Sensors.

  • Can I use "Cycle and Soak" with Smart Watering?Yes! You can use this function with any watering type. If you're using Smart Watering, the zone will water when the estimated soil moisture gets to zero. The Cycle and Soak settings will then decide how the watering gets broken into cycles (periods of watering) and soaks (periods of rest to allow water to soak in).
  • When will my zone next run using smart ET watering?With Smart Watering, your zone will run when your estimated soil moisture reaches zero. To check your estimated soil moisture, go to the Zones and Schedules page. Then look at the Schedule Adjustments field for the zone you want to check. This will display the estimated moisture level. When the soil moisture reaches 0%, the zone will water. You can also check your estimated soil moisture balance in the Reporting section of the app.